Innovative ERISA Plan Consulting and Administration. We tell you what you need to know before you commit. We have no sales personnel, you speak only with pension professionals. We sell no investments.

  • More than 35 years of Qualified Benefit Plan Consulting experience assisting thousands of entrepreneurs manage their start-ups and success.
  • Primary developer of the Entrepreneur Rollover Stock Ownership Plan®— ERSOP® Plans where you are permitted to invest your IRA & 401(k) money into a business or investment you can actually manage.
  • Qualified Plan Administration—Defined Benefit, Defined Contributions, ESOP, Welfare Benefit, Take-overs and Orphan Plans.
  • IRS and Department of Labor Plan Audits— Where our clients have fared very well.
  • Forms—Our Plan documents are sophisticated and complete. The only blanks that you will need to fill are for your signature and date.
  • Corporations for ERSOP® Plans—These are not simple-generic-internet-do-it-yourself corporations. They have important idiosyncrasies that need special attention.
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