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Need Help Filling Out The Form?

We’re here to help! If you have any questions while filling out the form, please contact our office and one of our professionals can assist you (866) 693-7767.

Below we’ve also provided some FAQ’s to help answer any questions. If you are still unsure and prefer not to call, simply fill out the required fields and leave the rest blank! We can gather this information from you when discussing the next steps.

What If I Don't Have An Existing Corporation?

No problem! You will need to fill out our Incorporation Questionnaire form instead.

Where Do I Find My EIN Number?

Your EIN number will be listed on the SS-4 form provided by the IRS.

What If I Can't Find/Don't Know My EIN Number?

If you are unsure where to find your EIN number and do not know it, you may leave this field blank and proceed to the other questions. We will be able to request the number from the IRS should we need to.

How Do I Know What My Tax Year-End Is?

Your tax year end was probably chosen when applying for your EIN number, however, it is possible your accountant may have changed it. We advise checking with your accountant (or whoever has been filing your corporate tax return) to help determine this. Meanwhile, you may leave this field blank and move onto the other questions.

NOTE FOR LLC’S: If you are an LLC, you default to a calendar year (12/31).

What If I Have an S-Corp?

In order for ERSOP to work, you will need a C-Corp, which means that an S-Corp revocation would need to be performed. We will provide a revocation form for you to give to your accountant to file for a small fee. If you prefer to keep your current corporation an S-Corp, then we can always establish a new C-Corporation for you to use. However, a decision can be made after having a discussion with one of our principals to determine the best steps moving forward.

Is There Anything Else ERSOP® Will Need From Me?

After you have submitted the form, we will be following up with you to request additional information we may need from you. If you have an existing Corpoation you would like to use, we typically will need copies of the SS-4 Form, Articles of Incorporation, and may need to see stock certificates and a stock ledger if any has been issued.